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Need for Speed: Special Edition

System Requirements:
Windows 95 or MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, Pentium 75 MHz processor, MS-DOS: 8 MB RAM, Windows 95: 12 MB RAM, MPC2 compliant double-speed CD-ROM drive (300 KB/sec transfer rate and =400 ms seek time), Windows 95: DirectX compatible video drivers, PCI SVGA video card capable of 640×480 with 256 colors (512K or more video RAM) with a VESA-compliant BIOS or driver, MS-DOS: 4 MB of free hard disk space, Windows 95: 30 MB of free hard disk space, Keyboard, Optional joystick or mouse, Optional sound card, Optional modem play requires 100% Hayes-compatible modem capable of 9600 bps with a high speed (16550 UART) serial port, Optional network play requires Windows 95, a network card and a 100% IPX-compatible Network
Electronic Arts
Pioneer Productions

The Need for Speed (1994) El primero de la saga Sigue leyendo